try with this
$ie.button(:name,"ApplyAddDocument").click  #try with Value also
instead of name property

On Mar 31, 5:16 am, ""
<> wrote:
> I need to select a document by clicking Browse... button.
> After selecting the file for download, I need to click Apply butoon.
> My code is simple
> # open Choose File Windows dialog box
>     $ie.file_field( :name, "document" ).set( "c:\\Watir Testware\\Data\
> \vb.txt" )
>     $ie.button( :id, "applyButton" ).click
> No complaint, but the button Apply is not clicked.
> I also tried:
>     $ie.file_field( :name, "document" ).set( "c:\\Watir Testware\\Data\
> \vb.txt" )
>     $ie.form(:name, "ApplyAddDocument").submit
> got the same result.
> Please, help.
> Thanks,
> Vladimir Belorusets
> SQA Manager, Xerox
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