Here you go:

destination_url = browser.url
puts destination_url

*browser is the name of your browser variable...

On Apr 2, 2:06 pm, Tester78 <> wrote:
> I am really new to watir and need some help on how to go about testing
> this case. I am trying to test a next button on a page.   If I am on
> the homepage( and click the next button,
> I am taken to the next page with the url(
> If I hit next again the ending url changes to 3.aspx and
> so on.
> I inspected the next button on the home page with firebug and this is
> what I have:
> <a class="next" title="Next Page" href="2.aspx">
> Next »
> <span/>
> </a>
> So I can see that the button is pointing to 2.aspx. Is there a way to
> make watir click on that next button and verify that the url is
> changed to 2.aspx? This is probably easy for you guys but I am really
> new.
> Please let me know if you need me to be more specific. Thanks
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