one more  vote here for Everyday Scripting..

Why's guide (mentioned by someone else early in the thread) was also
interesting, and kind of helped me with some basic ruby mindset things
in a way.

On Apr 3, 1:05 pm, Jim Knowlton <> wrote:
> I love Brian Marick's book because it really cuts through all the
> "programmery" stuff that's interesting to development types but makes
> testers eyes glaze over, and talks about the core, basic stuff Watir
> developers need to know.  I am a QA Engineer who had some Python
> experience when I picked up Brian's book, and it was just the ticket.
> I also have the Pickaxe book, but use it mostly as a reference, when I
> am not sure how to do something.
> Jim
> On Apr 3, 8:45 am, Bret Pettichord <> wrote:
> > People who are new to Watir often need to learn Ruby to be effective.
> > What resources should we recommend for this? What books, websites, blogs
> > or videos have you found to be helpful? Online training?
> > --
> > Bret Pettichord
> > CTO, WatirCraft LLC,
> > Lead Developer, Watir,
> > Blog,
> > Twitter,
> > Watir Training: Portland/Beaverton April 
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