This error means the $ie variable contains an array (not a browser). You 
have code somewhere that is doing this.

Shweta wrote:
> Hi
> Am using arrays in my script to test with multiple data,the scenario
> is in my application i have a search page there i am able to search
> with different criteria and there is a clear button to set the values
> to default.I am using different files as a libraries and am calling
> all there files in one mainfile.but am getting the error like this
> "undefined method `button' for #<Array:0x3451bd8> (NoMethodError)"
> This code is from 3rd file where am clickiing on clear button to
> cleaar the criteria but showing this error.can anyone suggest me what
> might be wrong here.
> def SearchInspections_withInsuredname()
>    $ie.button(:name, "clearCriteriaBtn").click    #Error occured here
>    searches = [ "name1", "GA_Test_AS_TF0220", "name2","name3"]
>    searches.each do |search|
>    $ie.text_field(:name, "insuredName").set(search)
>    $ie.button(:name, "submitBtn").click
>    $, "";).click
>    end
> end
> >

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