In previous versions of watir I used to send 11 characters to a field
that had a maxlimit of 10.  This would ensure the server also checked
the parameter and did something sensible (truncate or error message).

The newer version seems a bit "safer" and ie.text_field (:index,1).set
("01234567890") just truncates the input to the maxlength.  Ok I
accept that and found I could use ie.text_field (:index,
1).value="01234567890" in the instances where I wanted to do the
server side validation.


How do I do that for a combo box?

I want to send a value that is not in the list of options.  One way
might be to add the item and then send it (sorta the same thing I
guess).  In any case the server should again check and handle this.

And I bet the next question I ask will be around Radios and
Checkboxes?  Setting/sending invalid values.


For those unfamiliar with OWASP threats (google that) and see that
this is amongst the most common vulnerabilities in security.  You
cannot assume the web browser will safeguard inputs.  In fact till now
we have manually used Firefox and Tamperdata to do this.  But the task
is very difficult and time consuming - So I want to automate these
tests too.

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