I am new to this Watir, and having some difficulty figuring this out.

I thought I would be starting something easy, by logging into Yahoo
and then creating a new email. However I can not get the Xpath line to

#Include the FireWatir file.

require 'firewatir'

#include the FireWatir Module.

include FireWatir


#Open yahoo mail.

ff.goto("http://mail. yahoo.com")

#Put your user name.

ff.text_field( :name,"login" ).set("username" )

#Put your password.

ff.text_field( :name,"passwd" ).set("password" )

#Click Sign In button.

ff.button(:value, "Sign In").click

# Locate the table cell element on the page.

ff.cell(:xpath, "//td[contains( text, 'New')]/").click

#Click Sign Out button.

#ff.link(:text, "Sign Out").click

#Close the browser.


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