sounds like he should be filing a bug that the page is not valid html
since it has ID's that are not unique within the document.


7.5.2 Element identifiers: the id and class attributes
Attribute definitions

id = name [CS]
This attribute assigns a name to an element. This name must be unique
in a document.

One wonders if the page would pass muster with the validator?

On Apr 10, 7:46 am, Bret Pettichord <> wrote:
> Jarmo Pertman wrote:
> > Bret, is this bug already in Jira or should I report it?
> Althought technically a bug, I don't think we'll fix it. Fixing it would
> incur a performance penalty and it is not clear to me that this problem
> is actually bothering any one. Except maybe you. Can you explain for me
> why it is a problem for you?
> The bug is that Watir assumes that when it finds an object by ID it
> doesn't check type. Since ID's should be unique for a page, this is
> usually safe.
> Bret
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