> Calling the "methods" method on the element reveals that the "set"  
> method you are calling is not present. I was surprised to see that  
> this method exists - I've always used the "select" method, which works  
> fine. The RDoc reveals that set should be an alias for select.
> I would suggest using the select method for the time being:
> @browser.select_list(:id,"cAbb").select("software jobs")
> However, if you wish to use the set method, add the following code to  
> your firewatir/htmlelements.rb file in the SelectList class beneath  
> the select method's definition:
> alias :set :select

Alex, thanks very much.  I should have thought of some of that
myself-- it has been some time since I've worked closely with Watir.

Seems like I should have gotten a NoMethodError trying what I did, but
I'm glad that there *is* a right method.

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