I have begun using the watir craft tool to run my test on mac os x in
safari.  Running just one test by itself works fine.  As soon as I add a
second test to my suite I see a weird behavior.  The first test ends fine
and closes the brower, the problem is that another browser is never launched
to run the second test. I eventually see this stack trace :

Given I am on the properties tab of the photo book studio #
              OSERROR: -609
              MESSAGE: Connection is invalid.
dispatchOnChange(element) {\n  var event =
document.createEvent('HTMLEvents');\n  event.initEvent('change', true,
true);  \n  element.dispatchEvent(event);\n}\n(function() {\n  var element =
document.getElementById('contentBuilder');\nif (element) {\n  return
element.fireFunFXEvent({parent: null, id: {id: 'titleField'}}, \"Input\",
\"PhotobookTitle\")\n} else {\n  return
      ./lib/steps/photobook_steps.rb:5:in `/^I am on the properties tab of
the photo book studio$/'
      test/features/PhotoBook/photobook_trim_size.feature:6:in `Given I am
on the properties tab of the photo book studio'

Is this something I am doing or is a bug with the safari browser and


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