bump..   never got a response from TPTB  (The Powers That Be)

On Mar 10, 12:53 pm, Chuck vdL <sqa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been playing with the CLReport examplehtmlreportingclass, I've
> added the concept of a 'blocked' test (e.g. if you were going to check
> the URL of a link, but the link doesn't exist)
>  and also have what I think might be slightly more useful examples of
> how to use it (by creating a 'validate' function )
> Would the local 'lifeguards' preference be for me to edit the existing
> wiki example,  or create a new one?
> --Chuck
> You can invoke:  tester.leadto(knowledge.location)
> but unfortunately: tester.drink()
> is a private method
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