This may or may not work:, "thisisalink").fire_event("onfocus")

On Apr 20, 2:43 pm, Chuck van der Linden <> wrote:
> search the group for the phrase  'onmouseover'  and you'll find
> threads about firing that event, which is likely what is driving the
> code..  (which you would likely discover if you review the actual code
> that makes the page work, or at least the code that drives the
> animation of the stars)
> On Apr 19, 11:06 pm, spike <> wrote:
> > Hi
> > I'm working on a application where I have a link "RATE THE COURSE" now
> > i don want to click on this link, instead i just want to place the
> > cursor on it because when i do so i'll get some STARS which i've to
> > click to rate the course. so i want to know how to jus place the
> > cursor on the link without clicking it.
> > thankingyou
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