Okay, back to the original problem. I code similar to this:

if $browser.text_field(:id, "blah").exists?
   do something with text field
elsif $browser.select_list(:id, "blah").exists?
   do something with select list
   raise "blah not found"

this code is in a method and it will be called for two different
places - one, where this id is on text_field and another one where it
is with select_list - so, when I am on the page with select_list, then
$browser.text_field(:id, "blah").exists? returns true and the code "do
something with text field" fails with "(eval):3:in `invoke'(eval):3:in
`readonly?' --> unknown property or method `readOnly'". This is
because it is not text_field. What are the solutions for this case?
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