The first choice I made on the automated testing framework is WATIR.

Sometimes I use "selenium" to pracitce the Java code.

I think "watir" is the light framework for the web app testing and
it's a much more "aglie" like framework.

On 5月1日, 下午3时51分, venky <> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I had worked with watir. I would like to explore selenium too as both
> are open source. I am very curious to know the advantages and
> disadvantages of watir and selenium when both are compared. If the
> answer is "It depends on requirement" kindly let me know for which
> requirement which is the best tool to choose.
> I had googled "watir vs selenium". But I would be satisfied if most of
> the experienced QA engineers here share their experience, as it would
> be very helpfull to all.
> Comparison with Watir and other open source are welcome...
> Thanks,
> Venkat
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