Hi folks,

I know there was a thread a few months ago that didn't come a
resolution, and for some reason I couldn't reply, so I hope it was OK
to start a new one!

I just wanted to know how feasible it would be to write to a cell
using the Excel interface class.

This is a sample of what I'd like to do:

data = XLS.new(Dir.pwd + '/data/te_input_data.xls')
dataset = data.getRowRecords("Company records","worksheet_tab")

dataset.each do |record|
  @ie.text_field(:id, "company").set record['company_name']
  @ie.text_field(:id, "username").set record['username']
  @ie.text_field(:id, "password").set record['password']

# I would like to set a value to the current row I'm working on like

   record['result'].value = "PASS"

Unfortunately, I get the following error:
script_file.rb:10: undefined method `value=' for "":String

Since 'value' isn't a valid method, is there a modification I can make
to the class that would allow me to handle this?

Thanks in advance!

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