No, this does not work either.
Only thing seems to work is with .value and put some wait command like
(sleep 3).
askTextBox_I").value = "12345678901234567890"

Mask is not working properly with .set


On May 14, 12:51 pm, sHiVa <> wrote:
> Dude,
> Please use this before setting a value in your text field and let me
> know if any issue.
> ie.text_field(:id,
> "ctl00_contentChildWindow_secUserDetails_subsecUserInfo_txtPhoneNumber_txtM­­
> askTextBox_I").clear
> ie.text_field(:id,
> "ctl00_contentChildWindow_secUserDetails_subsecUserInfo_txtPhoneNumber_txtM­­
> askTextBox_I").set
> ("12345678901234567890")
> Regards
> Siva Paneendra Krapa
> Virtusa
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