I would generally advise sticking to the current version and not
worrying about older versions of water.   You're generally going to
get the most support, and fewest bugs from the current versions.

IMHO the biggest key to working on vista is to make sure all the pages
you are testing (and your default browser page) are in the same
security group, so that vista doesn't continually launch new browser
windows* (which would not be connected to watir) as you navigate
around among the pages you are testing.


* = that's an intentional security feature of vista/ie  designed to
reduce the risk and impact of cross site scripting attacks staged by
malevelant websites.  For example, when an user's infected page on a
trusted site (like twitter or myspace) tries to direct you to a
malevelent site that would use that elevated trust level to launch an
XSS attack.  (that's how, along with social engineering to tricks) a
lot of current worms are spreading across places like myspace,
twitter, skype, facebook, etc.

On May 7, 8:41 am, Super Kevy <kpe...@scholarshipamerica.org> wrote:
> I did a search and the group threads says Watir runs on Vista.
> Just need a minor confirm and what version(s) of ruby and watir are
> the minimums for the Vista OS
> WATIR rocks!!!
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