Index also does not work. Here is code. I tried incrementing index.
But it takes only index 1. It is not taking any other values.
require 'watir'
require 'watir/ie'
require 'win32ole'
require 'watir\contrib\enabled_popup'
\\Work\\Tele-Works Console.mht")
#ie=Watir::IE.start("C:\\Documents and Settings\\spanchumarthy\\Desktop
\\Tele-Works Console.mht")
sleep 10
print "This is before clicking on Mapping Fields \n"
print "This is after clicking on Mapping Fields \n"
sleep 10

Please help me here.

On May 19, 10:01 am, "Darin Duphorn" <>
> I had that issue once,I ended up using a different button attribute.
> Try using index and see if you can get the click_no_wait to work using
> that.
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> Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 8:59 AM
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> Subject: [wtr-general] Any else having problem with click_no_wait
> method.?
> Hello guys,
> When I use "click" I am getting popup message.
> But when I use "click_no_wait" method I am not able to see the popup
> hence I am not able to go ahead and click on popup "Yes" button.
> Does any one has any suggestions why this "click_no_wait" does not
> work on my PC? (both home and office pc did not work.)
> NOTE:- I sent same webpage as MHT file to one of our groups member and
> he said he is able to see popup.
> Thank you,
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