On May 28, 11:49 am, marekj <marekj....@gmail.com> wrote:
> Your issue is using :id
> Per html spec there should not be a second instance of the same id on the 
> page.
> if element with :id is found on the page Watir will not look for
> another instance on the page
> If you are stuck with :id and your developer absolutesly refuses to
> only maintain one instance of id then
> ie.text_fields.select {|tf| tf.id == "aaa"}[1].click #will blow up if
> there is no second one.

and file a bug that the page(s?) is(are) violating HTML protocol
standards, and is not valid HTML.   I know of few projects and orgs
where developers are 'by design' allowed to create web pages that
don't meet HTML standards.  it's usually defined or implied in the
product spec that the pages have to all be valid HTML.
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