Are you talking about something that is dynamically rendered in the UI
when an element experiences a mouseover?

You'd need to be able to determine what properties of the dynamic
element you could look for, like a visibility style.

Once you know that,  fire the 'onMouseOver' event at the elementA that
should be reacting to the mouseover event, allow a tiny bit of time
for elementB it to render (might sleep for a half second or something)
and check for the resulting style change on the elementB that would be
causing it to be displayed.

not sure if that's foolproof or not, potentially whatever reacts to
the style change could be failing to work and you'd not detect it (I
think)  but it's about the closest I've found.

On Jun 3, 1:38 am, Ivan Chung <> wrote:
> I just need a value returned, lets say the popup works then return
> "true" and vice versa.
> On Jun 3, 4:36 pm, Ivan Chung <> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I have scenario which i needed to detect the presence of a javascript
> > popup when mouse over the navigations. How could i do this?
> > Any helps are appreciated.- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -
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