Has Google Code been considered?

they provide a wiki and issue tracking..

also Github?  I believe they also have wiki,  not sure about issue

On Jun 3, 9:23 pm, Alister Scott <alister.sc...@gmail.com> wrote:
>   Hi Everyone,
>   I have looked into many options and can't find a free/cheap
>   option to host Confluence for watir.com. Amazon EC2 will be at
>   least US$80 per month (~$1000 per year) so we would need to find
>   a sponsor for this. On top of this, we would need to configure
>   and maintain (backup) Confluence ourselves which is additional
>   effort.
>   In moving forward I have asked why we are wanting to do what
>   we're doing. I understand there are two main reasons:
>   1) The current site (http://wtr.rubyforge.org/) is old, hard to
>   update by multiple people, and not very dynamic, meaning the
>   information on here is often not up to date.
>   2) It is believed the openqa.org site is taking on a more
>   selenium focus and therefore Watir might be better hosted
>   elsewhere (dedicated instance).
>   One solution I propose is that we use wordpress.com as a CMS to
>   host watir.com (custom domain name mapping costs $10USD per
>   year) and besides this there is no charge for up to 3GB content
>   and unlimited traffic.
>   The benefit of using wordpress.com is that it is very fast, has
>   a high google pagerank, is very easy to configure and use, and
>   allows multiple authors for the site.
>   I have set a very quick demo here:
>  http://watirweb.wordpress.com/The great thing is that the site
>   has RSS feeds, and using the widgets we can display various
>   content dynamically.
>   This solves issue 1 above, but the issue 2 still exists.
>   I personally think issue 2 has died down a bit of late, and that
>   we could possibly continue using openqa.org for the wiki and
>   JIRA for the immediate future, until something changes. We can
>   just link to this site from watir.com
>   I look forward to hearing your ideas and feedback about this.
>   Cheers,
>   Alister
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