Yes, I plan on migrating everything over (and more) from

I was just trying to see what kind of style we want to go for, so I
really should have put the same content in each site.

It seems the second site I created ( is
generally more liked, but I need to include some more content like
Watir Buzz.

I am not sure whether the header on the first site (http:// is too bold. I can apply the same thing to
the second site, but it may distract from the other page content, not


On Jun 12, 5:13 am, Bret Pettichord <> wrote:
> I like the new one better. I'm assuming that all the pages/info
> currently at will be migrated over if you decided to
> go with this.
> Bret
> Alister Scott wrote:
> > I have created another wordpress 
> > prototype:
> > Check it out and let me know whether you prefer this 
> > or
> > Cheers,
> > Alister
> --
> Bret Pettichord
> Lead Developer, Watir,
> Blog,
> Twitter,
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