in principle - there is no reason that is should not work.

except if depends on the mocks and stubs you are using for your

you need the full (ulr_for) resolution url name for the browser.goto

as you need the mongral server running to generate the page in the
browser, i am not so sure that it makes a lot of sense to mix up the
two test areas.

in the rails environment you are (or should be) testing your program
with mocks and stubs which is entirely independant of an application
server running or not.

if you want to test the "realworld output to the browser" I would do
that outside of rails, afterall it does not really matter what
application generates the pages the you want to test.

hope that is food for thought.


On 17 Jun., 07:59, Macsig <> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I'm new to watir: I have just discovered it through "Cucumber and
> Watir 101" screencast (
> Right now I'm trying to use it with Cucumber and Rails (as Dave shows
> in the screencast). Here my question:
> is it possible to use Rails routes instead absolute URL? Something
> like
> Given /^I am on (.+)$/ do |page_name|
>   BROWSER.goto(path_to(page_name))
> end
> Unfortunately the code above doesn't work: when I run Cucumber the
> step passes but the browser tries to open 'file:///'
> Thanks and have a nice day!
> Sig
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