I have used AutoIT3 to test a complex PowerBuilder application on
Windows, created a simple framework helping me doing that: rFormUnit.
I could use Ruby syntax and page objects, such as

 in test case

in main_window.rb
   def click_login
     # defined in constructor, @win = RFormUnit::Window.new('MyApp')
     @win.click_button('127') # control id, can use AutoIT3 Window
Info tool to identify

Some notes here
  * it is a lot hard to write tests than web apps
  * AutoIT3 might have difficulty to identify controls in .NET
  * it is a NOT cross-platform

If you interested,
  1. download and install AutoIT3 (http://www.autoitscript.com/
  2. download and install iTest (http://itest2.com/download)
  3. Open project C:\Program Files\iTest2\samples\form_calculator
\calculator.tpr, run it you shall see the ruby test scripts driving
Window's calculator.


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