Hello everyone,

I am trying to access elements in a nested frame.

This works:

browser.frame(:name, "Home").frame(:name, "view").text_field(:id,

But I want to use the method such as name_of_frame = browser.frame
(:name,"NameOfFrame") to access it, so I use this:

home_frame=browser.frame(:name, "Home")

view_frame=browser.home_frame.frame(:name, "view")

view_frame.text_field(:id, "F1663").set("issue1")

It doesn't work and give error below:

test/specs/metest_spec.rb:7: undefined local variable or method
`browser' for Sp
ec::Example::ExampleGroup::Subclass_1:Class (NameError)

Could you please help?  Thank you very much.

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