[wtr-general] Dealing with , and triggering Javascript

Thu, 02 Jul 2009 16:46:50 -0700

Hey there! I have a problem I've been banging my head against my desk
on for a while now, so here's hoping someone can help.

I'm trying to click on an element and I can't figure out how. I can
use frame and div to get down to the place on the page where I want to
click and end up like this: $win.frame().frame().div().table()[4][2]

the html inside table[4][2] is:

<font class="link" title="Click Here" onclick="javaScriptCommand
();">Click Here</font>

and I'm trying to trigger the "onclick" event. I've tried ".click",
"fire_event("onclick")", "fire_event("onmouseup")" on the <td>
element, as well as the <tr> and <table> elements, and none of them
work. When I use ".flash" it flashes over the correct area, so its
just a matter of not triggering the "onclick" event for the right
element. I've also tried to grab the actual <font> element but I can't
get Watir to find it.

Can anyone help me? If I can get this to work I'll never be more
excited to see a button click. :)

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