Are you able to get the popup text using Autoit when the popup is
resulted from Firefox?. When i tried to get it popup text is displyes
as blank.


On Jul 17, 8:43 pm, Tony <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Working on getting a common way to handle popups in IE and Firefox.
> Iam done with handling popups in IE.
> In Firefox iam able to handle javscript popups, (alert, confirm,
> prompt and auth dialog).
> The issue is how do i know the popup is a child to the window which is
> under test.(firewatirs WINDOW_VAR)
> If there are more than 1 popup, then i would not know which popup to
> handle.
> Does any one know how to get the window from which the javascript
> popup was created, so that i could compare the object to the window
> firewatir is using and then handle it?
> Right now i use latest created window(window most recently created)
> and assume this is the popup which doesnt seem to be a good solution.
> Thanks,
> Tony
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