Some great points Jared,   for me it comes down to this..

There are probably a ton of great things I could do using Ruby, but
unless I'm sure one of them will pay back the time investment to
figure out how to do them, I likely won't get around to them because
I have so many other things that I NEED to do with regard to my
testing etc.

For Most folks, unless their company uses oracle, if they connect to a
db, it will be whatever their company uses, or mysql if they are doing
it on their own due to the cost of licensing for the 'big boys'  (well
ok SQL Express is pretty close to free, but not a lot of folks know
that unless they already use MS-SQL)

I for one would welcome any handy info that is oriented towards the
needs of test and QA regarding how to do xyz using ruby.   To a degree
the book Everyday scripting with Ruby covers some of that, since
{whisper} it was originally aimed at testers {/whisper}

I agree Ruby is super useful stuff, and the more you learn the more
you can do with it.  But I know many of us are in that 'learn what I
need to know right now' mode and don't get a chance to explore
possibilities beyond immediate needs of what we are testing at this
very instant.

On Jul 21, 3:02 pm, Jared Quinert <> wrote:
> That's one point that I find interesting.  Once Ruby found its way into
> my toolkit, I've used it to hit databases, web services, parse xml,
> simulate flat-file responses from banks and more.  A lot of my watir
> scripts are simple integrations between data that I get from these other
> approaches.
> What do you think some of the factors are that stop people from trying
> other things? I have my own thoughts and experiences on this point, but
> am curious about what the barriers are for others (because maybe I need
> to start blogging more 'How to do <x> with Ruby' - I have permission to
> use some of my real code).
> Is there a need for a ruby-testing group?  Are there other groups that
> serve this need?  The people in the main ruby forums were frequently
> unable to help me, because they either use rails, and not much of the
> other ruby libraries, or they build their tools in their main production
> language (ie. Java).
> Jared
> Chuck van der Linden wrote:
> > You may also find a lot more folks who know about doing this sort of
> > thing in the main ruby forums than you will here where many of the
> > folks have never needed to connect to a db (or if they did it was
> > mysql or ms-sql) in order to test against a web UI.
> > On Jul 21, 8:36 am, karim rayani <> wrote:
> >> you can also use the db2 library or the active record library they are
> >> better then the OCI8 stuff
> >> On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 7:14 PM, Dheeraj
> >> Gambhir<> wrote:
> >>> Hi,
> >>> I am getting oci.dll missing error on running the code given by you:
> >>> require 'oci8'
> >>> connection =,mlbread,MLBD)
> >>> sql = 'select * from bam_order.ec_invoice where
> >>> created_date>sysdate-2'
> >>> connection.exec(sql) do |row|
> >>>  puts row
> >>> end
> >>> Regards
> >>> D G
> >>> On Jul 21, 6:25 pm, Ivan Kabluchkov <> wrote:
> >>>> Install
> >>>> And example of code:
> >>>> require 'oci8'
> >>>> connection =<user>, <pass>, <scheme>)
> >>>> sql = 'select * from table'
> >>>> connection.exec(sql) do |row|
> >>>>    puts row
> >>>> end
> >>>> On 21 июл, 17:06, Dheeraj Gambhir <>
> >>>> wrote:
> >>>>> Hi All,
> >>>>> I have tried my level best to connect to oracle using ruby but all in
> >>>>> vain.
> >>>>> Can any one provide concrete steps to follow to do that.
> >>>>> Please list down what all we require for this.
> >>>>> Thanks in advance.
> >>>>> Regards
> >>>>> Dheeraj Gambhir
> >> --
> >> Regards,
> >> Alkarim Rayani- Hide quoted text -
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> - Show quoted text -
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