For Problem 1, its not elegant and there's probably a better way to do
it, but you could create an array with all the id's of the images you
need loaded, then do something like this:

imgarr.each{ |img|{ie.image(:id,img).exist?}

I think this will go through each image and wait till it exists. If an
image doesn't get loaded in 20 seconds it will throw a Timeout

I've had a lot of problems with the way Watir waits for things and
haven't really found a good solution overall.


On Aug 12, 1:52 am, Tony <> wrote:
> Hi Maumita,
> 1. Not sure on this.
> 2. You can add your scripts to a batch file and run the batch file
> from task scheduler.
> Thanks,
> Tony
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