Try something like:{$ie.image(:id,imgid).exist?}

using one of the images.


On Aug 17, 7:18 am, Maumita <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have written a script to capture the page download time.
> The page has different shopping item images along with their price
> details.
> The script capture the time and stops when the page layout (page
> framework) is loaded completely .It doesn't include the images of all
> the shopping items.
> I observed that, once the page framework is loaded completely then
> Done message appears on the status bar, after that it starts rendering
> the shopping item images one by one.Once all the shopping images is
> loaded then again it says Done on status bar (checked in browser IE)
> Is there any way , my scripts will not stop after the 1st Done. It
> will wait until all the images is not loaded.
> I checked the same behavior with website like -Amazon.
> I can't use sleep()..because it will not work always if network
> connection is very slow.
> This is urgent.Please help.
> Thanks
> Maumita
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