Seems to me that the letters 'next'  might be rather common to find on
a lot of pages, and are you SURE it's not there even if perhaps part
of another word?

If the 'next' is a clickable link or button , then perhaps you'd be
better off to look to see if the link exists?

while, 'Next').exists?
while browser.button(:text, 'Next').exists?

That's a lot less likely to give you a false hit on some other aspect
of the page contents

On Aug 20, 1:38 pm, curious <> wrote:
> I have below WATIR code, which will download series of web pages by
> navigating thru page number.  Each search will present series of
> pages, and the last page in the series does not contain the text
> 'Next'.
> However, below code keeps running and goes on presenting the last page
> that does not contain the text "Next".  It seems to me that the while
> condition is true to the page right before the last page, and this
> page right before the last page contains the text, "Next", and it
> never goes out of the loop, [ ... while ie.contains_text
> ("Next")......].
> Is there anyway to make it get out of the loop?  The last page surely
> does not contain the text, "Next", but it seems to me that below code
> does not detect it.
> Any help / suggestion will be deeply appreciated.
> Thank you.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------­-------------------------------------------------------------
> while ie.contains_text("Next")
>"#{PageNo}.html", "wb") { |f|
>   f << '<html>'
>   f << ie.html
>   f << '</html>'
>   PageNo = PageNo + 1
>   ie.goto("{PageNo}";
> end
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