I have a very strange issue with a Save As File Dialog.   I have a
loop that is looping through many files that need to be saved....The
code uses the below routine to handle the Save As Box:  (the file name
is built and passed in)

  ai = WIN32OLE.new("AutoItX3.Control")
  ai.Opt("WinWaitDelay", 1000)
  ai.WinWait(windowname, "", 10)
  ai.WinWaitActive(windowname, "", 10)
  ai.ControlSend(windowname, "", "Edit1", filename)
  ai.ControlClick(windowname, "", button, "left")

The majority of the time I see the filename(which contains the path)
being entered into the filename area of the Save As Box...Certain
files I do not see the name getting entered...The box still gets
closed and the file is save, but it does not populate the filename
with a the correct information...the file just gets save to the
default location and the default name the program populated.   I
confirmed that the filename is getting built correctly.  Are there any
thoughts as to why this would work 95% of the time and not the other
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