I've had the same issue while doing a little sanity checking on some
marketing websites that we control.  Using IE.new_process helped a
little, but Ruby would always die before the script completed.

On Aug 30, 6:33 pm, Chris McMahon <christopher.mcma...@gmail.com>
> > looks to me that something must be stuck somewhere, and I need to
> > clear that away, but I don't know what I need to clear away.. I
> > restarted the computer, but the problem does not go away.
> > Could anyone tell me what I need to clear away in order to have smooth
> > internet access??
> I seem to recall that Ruby under some circumstances will hog memory
> until Bad Things Happen.
> If you're crawling all these pages and saving bits of information, be
> sure you're writing out to a file along the way and flushing the write
> buffer when you do it.
> -Chris
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