It appears there's a forked version of ci_reporter on github that adds
support for cucumber output, find out more here:   I'm not using
ci_reporter any longer, just straight html output for cuke and rspec, but
the general idea is to set it up in your rake file with the appropriate
requires; there's info in the readme on that github repo.

According to the 1.6.0 announcement of ci_reporter on rubyforge this appears
to be the version they've uploaded as the latest gem.


On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 11:21 PM, pallavi shashidhar

> Hi there,
> I am looking at using Ci_reporter in watircraft framework. Has anyone tried
> to use it. ?
> We use cucumber on watircraft and has a set of features that needs to be
> run and publish results.
> Basically i have to publish the watircraft results on CI server which
> understands the xml format which is given out by Ci_reporter.
> Regards,
> Pallavi
> >

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