We have watir scripts which requires url, username, password and
path (location of the datatables).
      These parameters are changing depends upon the server where
application is deployed.
      I would like to put these information inside a .txt file like
      url =
      username = admin
      password = adm...@#
      path = D:\Watir\WatirScripts

       Now i need to access the above .txt file using watir scripts
like open file, read line by line and store each word in a array then
       use array elements to get exact values for each parameters and
store it on respective variables to use inside scripts.

      Could you please let me know, whether we can able to open a file
and read line by line using watir scripts. Does watir has class
      library to support file open in read/write/append modes.

      Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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