On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 6:03 AM, Alister Scott <alister.sc...@gmail.com>
> I think we need to have a 'one page
> quick start', a 'one page tutorial', and the rest of the information
> contained can be logically organized into categories.

Would you create 'one page quick start', a 'one page tutorial' wiki page? If
it is better than what we have right now, we can just delete the old ones,
or move them to archive somewhere.

> But I believe the one page tutorial is what we used to have, do you
> know why it was changed to such a long format?

Well, it has not changed a lot. Tutorial is now a lot of small pages, and it
used to have approximately the same data, but in one page. When I moved it
to wiki, it was easier to edit small pages, than one big one, so I did it
that way. Also, I _really_ like the fact that now I can link to specific
page when answering questions at watir-general.


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