You can use $ie.checkbox(:id, /rating\[\d+\]/)

Wesley Chen.
For life, the easier, the better.

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 7:02 PM, Amit Kulkarni

> Hello,
> I have this html script.
> <td width="20%">
> <input id="rating[65]" type="checkbox" value="1" name="rating[65]"/>
> <a title="Edit Rating" href="/Nikes/ratings/65/edit">
> <span class="bold">Ratingsanity1</span>
> </a>
> </td>
> The scenario is i want to click on the checkbox which has title
> "Ratingsanity1".
> Now here i can tick the checkbox by using the name method but the no. isn't
> going to be same all the time.
> I tried following code but still no success.
> Please help.
> 1: Browser.checkbox(:after?, Browser.cell(:text, "Ratingsanity1")).click
> >

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