I think the problem is with the title. The first group are the "Core 
Developers" not "Developers"

The core team of developers is the group of people actively working on 
the release of new versions of Watir. These people add significant 
features and commit many features contributed by others. I have listed 
this group before on this list. The people who have been active core 
developers of Watir/FireWatir over the past year are:

Bret Pettichord
Charley Baker
Angrez Singh
Jari Bakken

This is evidenced by the commit logs.

I think it is confusing to just call these people "developers" because 
there are lots of people who contribute code to watir. I would like us 
to recognize the core developers for the significant time and energy 
that they have put into the project.


Željko Filipin wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 10:18 AM, Željko Filipin 
> <zeljko.fili...@wa-research.ch <mailto:zeljko.fili...@wa-research.ch>> 
> wrote:
> > Anybody do not think it would be a good idea?
> This should be:
> Anybody thinks it would not be a good idea?
> Željko
> >

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