Does anybody have sample code for working with gwt Tables? I can
figure out some basic stuff, but the rows in the table are really divs
that have a one row table in them. It's difficult to work with the
table to identify what all is in there, and which row each thing
appears on.

Here is the source code for a row (sorry for the formatting):
<DIV style="width: 1015px;" class="x-grid3-row ">
<TABLE cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="0" style="width:
1015px;" class="x-grid3-row-table">
<TD rowspan="2" tabindex="0" style="width: 18px;" class="x-grid3-col x-
grid3-cell x-grid3-td-checker x-grid-cell-first ">
<DIV rowspan="2" class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-checker">
<DIV class="x-grid3-row-checker"> </DIV>
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 60px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/header/number ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/header/
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 78px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/header/category ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/header/
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 57px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/header/priority.code ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/header/
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 70px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/header/current.phase ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/header/
current.phase">Change Logging</DIV>
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 95px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/middle/assets/assets ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/middle/assets/
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 69px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/header/planned.start ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/header/
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 52px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/header/planned.end ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/header/
<TD tabindex="0" style="width: 498px;" class="x-grid3-col x-grid3-cell
x-grid3-td-instance/header/brief.description x-grid3-cell-last ">
<DIV class="x-grid3-cell-inner x-grid3-col-instance/header/
brief.description">Allow bigger mails to be sent</DIV>

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