Could you try

@ie.modal_dialog(:title, 'Batch Update')

david wrote:
> Have a section of code that is waiting for a modal dialog to appear
> which is visible with the title ‘'Batch Update -- Web Page Dialog’
> modal = @ie.modal_dialog(:title, 'Batch Update -- Web Page Dialog')
> modal.wait
> modal.button(:value,'Yes').click_no_wait
> However the dialog is not being found by title.
> Is there a problem with finding modal_dialog by title? Is there
> another way to do this? I am using Ruby 1.8.6
> I tried just modal = @ie.modal_dialog
> which should work according to the API documentation but I see there
> is a problem with this approach, even though there can be only one
> modal dialog at a time on screen and this seems like an ideal way to
> attach to a modal dialog. I get the following error:
> IE#modal_dialog not supported with the current version of Ruby
> (1.8.6).
> See for details.
> undefined method `connect_unknown' for WIN32OLE:Class
> David
> >

Bret Pettichord
Lead Developer, Watir,

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