I'm working on an application that draws on a flex canvas. Is there a
way to
use Funfx to send mouseUp/mouseDown/mouseMove events to the Canvas?

I tried to modify the AutomationGenericEnv.xml by adding the following
to the canvas (following the example in DisplayObject for MouseMove)
             <Event Name="MouseDown" >
                <Implementation Class="flash.events::MouseEvent"
                <Property Name="localX"  DefaultValue="0">
                    <PropertyType Type="int"/>
                <Property Name="localY"  DefaultValue="0">
                    <PropertyType Type="int"/>
                <Property Name="ctrlKey"  DefaultValue="false">
                  <PropertyType Type="Boolean" />
                <Property Name="shiftKey"  DefaultValue="false">
                  <PropertyType Type="Boolean" />
                <Property Name="altKey"  DefaultValue="false">
                  <PropertyType Type="Boolean" />

>From the ruby test, I  now have a mouse_down() method on my canvas but
invoking canvas.mouse_down() does not seem to do anything.

Am I supposed to be allowed to add events like this? Am I missing
to make it work?

Thank you.

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