Thanks for the reply. I actually reinstalled 186-26, and now the
click_no_wait method is working now.
What are some of the common variations on popup implementations

On Nov 24, 12:19 pm, Tiffany Fodor <> wrote:
> Hi!
> There are many different solutions because there are many different
> implementations of popups.  Unfortunately, there is no sure-fire way
> to deal with them.  I would suggest working with the developer to
> learn more about how the popup you're dealing with was implemented.
> This will help you pick the best solution.  If that's not possible,
> fire up an irb session and try the various solutions we've posted
> until you find the one that works for you.
> I'm not sure why click_no_wait is undefined for you - can you post
> your code to help us troubleshoot?
> -Tiffany
> On Nov 24, 9:19 am, xguarder <> wrote:
> > Hello, I have scoured various sources online for all the ways people
> > have come up with for handling popups (using Watir on IE7).
> > Many of these solutions involve the click_no_wait method, which is
> > supposedly functional if you have Ruby 186-26, which I do. However,
> > that method comes up as undefined anytime I try it.
> > All I am trying to do is to delete an item (by clicking on an image
> > link), then a popup asking "are you sure?" appears, with "OK" and
> > "Cancel" buttons.
> > Is there an absolute surefire way of being able to just click OK?
> > Unfortunately, all the info I have tried from different sources online
> > have me just running in circles now.
> > Thanks in advance!
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