Hi Experts,

I put my Test scripts, test data excel files and test cases file in
one folder and doing testing. When i change the whole bunch to another
system i am facing folder path issues. I was working QTP , where i can
solve this problem by relative path. Please take a look on my below

$excel_path = "e:\\Data\\Prince\\WatIR\\iComet\\TestCases\
$excel = WIN32OLE.new("excel.application")
$excel['Visible'] = true;
$workbook = $excel.Workbooks.Open $excel_path
$worksheet = $workbook.WorkSheets(4)

So after searching rdoc i found one code and it returns the current
path. But am unable to open the excel file.

$excel_path = Dir.getwid + "\\Stores&Spares"

it gives the current file path as below


So my tests are failed. I  need something like below

$excel_path = RelativePath+(\\Stores&Spares)

It may not be a watir question but i dont have more experience in
ruby. So please help me to solve this issue.



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