Hi Venky,

The formatting on your example data was lost, so it's hard to see
exactly what you mean.  It seems you're trying to gather the data
conditionally based on the priority.  I'd suggest grabbing all the
data - make your range A1:E6 - and then deal with the data in your
code.  The headings in row 1 will be the hash keys you use to get at
the data in each cell of the subsequent rows.

$addNotification = xlFile.getRowRecords("A1:E6", "Sheet4")

$addNotification.each do |notification|
  if notification['Priority'] == 'Urgent'
    #do whatever you need to with 'Urgent' priority users
  elsif notification['Priority'] == 'High'
    #do whatever you need to with 'High' priority users
    #do whatever you need to with other users

Hope this helps!


On Dec 8, 6:39 am, venkat <greet.ven...@gmail.com> wrote:
>  Can any one please help me out in getting the multi row data from a column
> using watir xls interface class.
> I have taken the DataDrivenTestHarnessExample as my source from Watir
> OpenQA.
> I have added test data into a sheet "Sheet4"
> Sheet4 has columns with data as follows.
> A                        B                       C
> D                              E
> Type                   Priority              Select_Users
> Remove_Users      Yes
>  Information         High                  User1
> User1                     No
>                              Medium
> User2                  User2
>                               Low                  User3
>                                                         User4
>                                                         User5
> I have to select the
>                                Type as "INFORMATIONAL"
>                             If Priority as Urgent then Select_Users = all
> (6rows)
>                            else Priority is other than 'urgent then only 2
> records from column Select_Users .
> I am using the following syntax to get a row of record.
> $addNotification = xlFile.getRowRecords("A2:E6", "Sheet4")
> but apart from getting the row, i need to get all records from the column
> 'Select_Users'.
> Thanking you very much in adavance.
> Venky

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