Thanks to all of you who give your time to make the community strong
and help it grow by helping us newbies!


On Dec 10, 6:02 pm, Tiffany Fodor <> wrote:
> Thanks to Željko and the rest of the Watir team for your confidence in
> me.  I'm honored to be counted among such a great group of people.
> I'll do my best not to let it go to my head.  ;-)
> -Tiffany
> On Dec 10, 3:50 pm, Željko Filipin <>
> wrote:
> > Watir team had a little chat and we decided it would be a good idea to grow.
> > I am glad I can announce that Tiffany Fodor and Wesley Chen have accepted to
> > be added to Watir community team with title of Support Sheriff:
> >
> > Tiffany answers a lot of questions and Wesley is helping us moderate the
> > group. I hope both of them will continue with business as usual.
> > If you have a nice word for them, now is the time. :)
> > Željko
> > --
> > - community manager
> > - host

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