If you use IE, please try:
Watir::Waiter.wait_until{$ie.link(:text, "Test copy listing
This wait will at most last for 60 seconds.
If you want to wait for more time, please turn to* watir.rb* to change
the *@@default_timeout
= 60.0* to more;

If you use firefox, please turn to *firefox.rb*, wait method,
*def wait(last_url = nil)
      #puts "In wait function "
      isLoadingDocument = ""
      start = Time.now

      while isLoadingDocument != "false"
        isLoadingDocument =
        #puts "Is browser still loading page: #{isLoadingDocument}"

        # Raise an exception if the page fails to load
        if (Time.now - start) > 300
          raise "Page Load Timeout"
change the 300 in red to 420.

I have ever tried that in FF, it works.
I wait for two hours until a stuff load in FF3.5.

Wesley Chen.
For life, the easier, the better.

On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 2:13 PM, bender25 <zuzi...@yahoo.com> wrote:

> page does many refreshes / loa

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