My test suite sometimes stalls when an unexpected pop-up occurs when
some validation script is executed on the page. (ie. due to running
tests from a different time zone from than the webservice timezone)
As we run tests overnight this could mean the test suite has frozen
all night until we manually close the window.

I was looking at starting a new thread to kill the browser process if
a certain time limit had passed, but soon found that "if some thread
happens to make a call to the operating system that takes a long time
to complete, all threads will hang until the interpreter gets control
back" (refer to http://phrogz.net/ProgrammingRuby/tut_threads.html)

Does anyone know a way around this, as some of the posts I have found
about this issue are a couple of years old.

rake run_test_suite_all_tests # run all the tests

Thread.new{ sleep 60; kill_ie } # this is created in standard_setup
kill_ie is a method that closes IE processes

Unless there is a better solution of course....

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