Hi All,
 When i run the below code close function of watir 1.6.5 doesn't work fine
after handling a pop-up.But of watir 1.6.2 work fine in the same situation.
I would request to the Watir developers please resolve this problem.

require 'watir'
require 'rubygems'
require 'win32ole'

#Note:- I have used the above require line because close function of Watir
1.6.5 was not working fine after handling a pop-up.




$ai.WinWait("File Download - Security Warning","",30)
$ai.WinActivate("File Download - Security Warning")
$ai.ControlClick("File Download - Security Warning","","&Save")

$ai.WinWait("Save As","",30)
$ai.WinActivate("Save As")
$ai.ControlSend("Save As","","Edit1", "C:\AutoItV3.exe")
$ai.ControlClick("Save As","","&Save")

$ie.close  #Here at this place watir 1.6.5 close function doesn't work fine
after handling the above pop-up but close function of watir 1.6.2 works fine
in the same situation.

For more information please check source code of close functions of both the
versions(1.6.5 and 1.6.2) of Watir through this path :-


Thanks & Regards,
Ankur Gera
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