The site is made up of a lot of little check boxes used to reserve
rooms. For some reason using checkbox method does not work. How would
i need to write this for it to select a box in this situation and then
click the reserve button found at the bottom

Room 677 10:30 PM</label><input type="checkbox"
name="srr-7-1265686200" id="srr-7-1265686200" value="Y" /><span
class="ie-fix">&nbsp;</span></li><li class="zone odd open
night"><label for="srr-7-1265688000">

Room 677 11:00 PM</label><input type="checkbox"
name="srr-7-1265688000" id="srr-7-1265688000" value="Y" /><span
class="ie-fix">&nbsp;</span></li><li class="zone even open
night"><label for="srr-7-1265689800">

Room 677 11:30 PM</label><input type="checkbox"
name="srr-7-1265689800" id="srr-7-1265689800" value="Y" /><span

<fieldset class="submit"><input type="hidden" name="open"
value="1265605200" /><input type="hidden" name="close"
value="1265691600" /><input type="submit" name="type" id="reserve"
value="Reserve" />


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