You could do it a couple of ways.

1. Use an if/else statement (as seen here -

if condition=true
   # log pass
   # log fail

2. Use the Exception class:

Here's the basic syntax:

  # do something
  # log the failure if it fails.

For more detailed info, I'd strongly suggest getting familiar with


On Feb 4, 8:55 am, tester86 <> wrote:
> Hi
> Question for the watir group. When I run my test sometimes it fails if
> it cannot find an element or input field. Is there a way that when
> this occurs it can log that failure and continue running the tests and
> not stop. Is there any Watir commands that I can put in place at
> points in my script to cope with failures?
> I am using the ruby logger to output all my result into a text file.

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