When running Watir through Hudson which launches a nunit console
executable that runs a nunit test that in turns launches a ruby.exe
passing a ruby file that has Test::Unit::TestCase test cases will
always throw errors on the Watir::IE.find calls.  All the find calls
error with the same OLE and HRESULT codes with the same line numbers
for the ie-class.rb.  All the other Watir functions perform as normal,
the only failures are on the Watir::IE.find functions.

Note this configuration works on development machine with everything
the same except the Hudson piece.   At first I thought this was user
permissions but I ruled this out by running Hudson under different
configurations (localsystem, administrator, localsystem interaction
with desktop, etc...) all fail with the same error.

Example of the error:

WIN32OLERuntimeError: Windows

    OLE error code:80040154 in <Unknown>

      <No Description>

    HRESULT error code:0x80020009

      Exception occurred.

238:in `method_missing'

238:in `each'

262:in `_find'

256:in `find'

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